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  1. A social-enterprise initiative aimed at widespread distribution to the developing world. Textbooks could become universally accessible. Wikipedia would benefit from a more diverse group of content creators.
  2. Color pictures. I want to read picture books, graphic novels, and the Saturday comics on an e-reader. And I want great image quality.
  3. Split-screen language translation. It would be sweet to read the original text and a translation at the same time. Great for language learners, religious scholars, and literary nerds.
  4. Cover art gel skins. Could function as a homage to our favorite books, a community art project, and a way to keep cover art alive.
  5. The ability to “trade” books. Transfer electronic ownership to another e-reader user. This could be used for borrowing books or donating to those in need.

May 21, 1998

I altered one of my works in progress with Wordle and it was recombined into a poignant, textual image.

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  • @whodreamedit To fulfill work requirements or whatevs. Apologies if that's too prescriptive. 6 days ago
  • @whodreamedit That sucks. If applicable, you might shout out honorable men or masc folks who helped raise you. 6 days ago
  • RT @eveewing: If you wanted to graduate this year but couldn't cause of money, health, family responsibilities, whatever--keep your head up… 1 month ago
  • RT @nicole_soojung: is there truly no limit to the number of terrible, racist takes a white man can publish and still have a career 2 months ago
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