One of the most common gripes about poetry is that it’s an elevated art form. In other words, it’s for university elitists and intellectual snobs. Poetry can definitely be “high art” but it can also be (more) accessible than the novel you bought at the drug store. Contemporary poetry has room for everyone.

Recently, I was introduced to Jennifer Knox. Check out her Hot Ass Poem.

Hot Ass Poem
Jennifer Knox

Hey check out the ass on that guy he’s got a really hot ass I’d like to see his ass naked with his hot naked ass Hey check out her hot ass that chick’s got a hot ass she’s a red hot ass chick I want to touch it Hey check out the ass on that old man that’s one hot old man ass look at his ass his ass his old man ass Hey check out that dog’s ass wow that dog’s ass is hot that dog’s got a hot dog ass I want to squeeze that dog’s hot dog ass like a ball but a hot ball a hot ass ball Hey check out the ass on that bird how’s a bird get a hot ass like that that’s one hot ass bird ass I want to put that bird’s hot ass in my mouth and swish it around and around and around Hey check out the ass on that bike damn that bike’s ass is h—o—t you ever see a bike with an ass that hot I want to put my hot ass on that hike’s hot ass and make a double hot ass bike ass Hey check out that building it’s got a  really really hot ass and the doorman and the ladies in the information booth and the guy in the elevator got themselves a buttload of hot ass I want to wrap my arms around the whole damn hot ass building and squeeze myself right through its hot ass and out the other side I warn to get me a hot ass piece of all eighty-six floors of hot hot hot hot ass.

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